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Nicholas P:

Karen was very pleasant to chat with and gives an amazing massage. She made me feel comfortable and seemed very knowledgeable about what she was doing, often asking me about the pressure and if there were any trouble areas. Her prices were the best in the area that I've experienced and I would recommend her to anyone looking to unwind with a perfect massage.


Kristin R:

Karen is a great massage therapist.  She makes you feel comfortable from the time you come into the office.  I am a pharmacist that is always on my feet, I had been having problems with my neck and back.  Even just after one session my neck and back felt so much better.  I have been through massages at multiple day spas but none of their therapists can't compare. I highly recommend Karen.


David R:

I highly recommend Karen North for massage therapy.

I intially hired Karen when I had been working with attempting to resolve some ongoing shoulder/neck and knee pain. I am an athlete and had been using adjustments to my work out with some success but not complete. Karen's massage therapy sessions were excellent. I credit her work with additional resolution of these pain areas.

In addition, Karen's massage therapy sessions are deeply relaxing. She works extremely hard and diligently. Karen checks in with how you are feeling and what areas might be giving you trouble or are particularly tense.

Karen is easy to schedule with through email and she confirms appointments.

At one point I saw Karen for intense lower back pain - one of the big muscles on the left hand side. Karen fit me in as soon as I contacted her. That session clearly accelerated the resolution of my pain. I was at 100% within a week.

Karen North's service is excellent.


Tom W:

I've seen massage therapists in various areas of New York for well over 15 years and Karen is one of the best therapists I've ever had. She's very interested in structuring the massage so that it meets the needs of the patient. As others have pointed out I have followed her to different locations and will continue to do so. Speaking from the vantage point of being a veteran of many, many massages you can't go wrong with the service that Karen provides. Couple her amazing therapeutic skills with her engaging, comfortable personality and you've got a stellar combination that really can't be beat. I highly recommend her.


Kimberly C:

I have lived in many cities and been through several massage therapists.  Karen is awesome!  When the gym I was at closed, I followed her to her new location. I wish I still lived in the Albany area because I have yet to find a massage therapist of her caliber here in my new city.  With Karen, I always feel relaxed after a massage.  The same cannot be said of other massage therapists.


Kara S:

I have been one of Karen's regular customers for quite some time now.  Prior to becoming one of her clients, I bounced around from spa to spa looking for a good massage.  Since  meeting her, I have followed her from a couple of different places because she is well worth it.  She knows exactly what I want and she always delivers.  I recommend her to everyone I know!


Pete F:

Karen does great work.  She is very knowledgeable and personable, so it is easy to feel comfortable right away and just let her do what she does best.  She is no exception to the rule that the worst part of the massage is when it ends!



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